Bonsai Nursery and Gallery

Mr. Diederik Haneveld has been a Bonsai enthusiast since 1995. In 2000 he established an environment conducive to his passion, culminating in the wonderful nursery he manages at Bodhidharma.

The nursery opened to the public in 2008 so that all can enjoy this wonderful art form. Visitors are welcome to wander through the gallery of trees created by Diederik and learn more about the process of revealing the majesty of nature through the training and styling of potted trees.

You will be able to see the process of growing bonsai from cuttings, seed, nursery stock and collected trees in order to create a bonsai suggestive of the most ancient specimen.

Diederik is also happy to conduct bonsai demonstrations upon request, so that the novice can be inspired and guided to create their own living masterpiece.

The nursery is open on Saturday and Sunday, or at other times by arrangement.