Martial Arts - Tang Soo Tao

Tang Soo Tao is the scientific use of the body, mind and spirit in methods of self defence. It is an art tested and tempered on the lawns of Buddhist monasteries and on the field of combat and its history is a long and honourable one.

Tang Soo Tao is both a hard and soft martial art. It combines the hard/external techniques of Wei Gung with the soft/internal techniques of Nei Gung.

Initial training focuses primarily on the kicking and punching techniques of Wei Gung. This provides the student with a solid grounding in self defence and an understanding of physical movement.

Later training emphasises Nei Gung and chi development through the practice of Taoist breathing exercises and meditation.

Benefits of Tang Soo Tao:

  • Improve your physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Develop strength of character, will-power and determination
  • Build self-confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem
  • Increase your concentration, memory skills and awareness
  • Enhance your coordination, agility and reaction time
  • Extend the flexibility of your body and your mind
  • Learn modern, scientific self defence in a traditional environment

Tang Soo Tao is practiced in a controlled environment. Students are valued as family, therefore, any injury preventing training is considered un-beneficial.

Tang Soo Tao Martial Art School has been operating in Shepherds Flat for over 10 years. Instructor, Kyo Sa Nim Tara Haneveld has been training Tang Soo Tao for 18 years, and teaching for 5 years in Melbourne prior to moving to Daylesford.

Classes for beginners and intermediate students are held on Thursday evenings, with another class available on a Tuesday evening at the Holy Cross Hall in Daylesford. Childrens classes are available on Monday afternoon for students between 5 and 10 years of age who may wish to practice martial Arts.