Tai Chi & Chi Gung

If you seek a more internal approach to Martial Arts, Master Diederik Haneveld is offering his 30 years experience to those who wish to begin Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

By definition, Tai Chi means "Grand Ultimate" and is considered so by many Martial Arts practitioners, worldwide. Less dynamic than the external arts, Tai Chi fosters balance, stability, patience and awareness on a road to what is known as "True Power".

Chi Gung is a combination of many ancient Taoist practices incorporating breathing, stretching, and massaging. Its purpose is to cultivate the Chi or Energy that is available to all of us. Its benefits are, Better Health, Longer Life and Increased Potency.

Classes for beginners are designed to teach the fundamental principles surrounding Tai Chi, including Chi Kung breathing exercises, still and moving meditation.

  • Improve physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Increase concentration, memory skills and awareness
  • Enhance coordination, and balance
  • Extend the flexibility of the body and mind
  • Develop sense of wellness and longevity

Classes are run on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings in the Summer months, with private tuition available upon request.